Mentor Support For Your
Education and Career Discovery



Discover Your Aptitudes and Interests

Mentored Pathways helps you start from the beginning as you discover what your interests and
natural abilities are. Getting help from an industry mentor makes the process efficient and successful.
It's easy to get stuck when you are working in isolation. As you explore opportunities based on your aptitudes and
interests you also get connected with professionals who can guide and support your journey.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

It's time to apply some elbow grease and tackle real problems related to your interests and strengths.
With help from a mentor you can quickly learn what keeps the top professionals in your area of interest up at night.
You'll want to hone in on those challenges that you are most interested in and have energy for. It's up to you to produce
quality work with help from a mentor. This produces more opportunities.

Professionally Pursue Your Interests

Mentored Pathways helps you accomplish professional level work in everything you do,
starting with tackling real issues you and others care about. The more real work you do, the more
you learn about yourself and new opportunities. You also get help exploring education and
career opportunities and developing plans to pursue them successfully.

Tackle Projects You Care About

Middle school and high school students receive support from teachers to work on projects during the school day.
Here are a few project examples from high school students in Wentzville, Missouri.

Portfolio Entry Examples: 2017 Engineering Projects - Timberland High School, Wentzville, Missouri

Develop a Portfolio, Plan and Network

To succeed you must be connected to the professionals who have blazed the trail ahead of you. You start
these connections by tackling real issues these professionals care about. Now you're ready to add this work to a professional
portfolio, create a career plan that holds water and develop a professional network simultaneously. Having these three assets
in place puts you miles ahead.

Our mission is to ensure that students graduate equipped with three important assets:



The Education to Career Problem

Only industry professionals can provide the knowledge, long-term support,
and connections that students need for career success



A Pathway to Student Success


Students do authentic work in their own area of interest and create a career and academic plan that they own personally


Our program supports students from middle school all the way into employment

School & Geographic

Students can be mentored anytime anywhere in a safe, virtual environment


Industry sets the bar of quality of student work rather than academia

Mentor Match

A high-quality mentor match for every student


3,000 mentors from 30 countries
48,000 students mentored


OUR Team

Meet Our Staff

Kurt Friedmann


Kurt is the Executive Director of WorldMentor, a non-profit organization that merged with the International Telementor Program in 2016 to form Mentored Pathways. Passionate about improving the individual growth of others, Kurt has a 20-year background in mentoring, learning and development, customer feedback management, and enterprise sales. Kurt currently serves as a Small Business Development Center mentor to over a dozen startup companies in California and Colorado.

Leigh Teece

Co-founder and Co-Director

Ms. Teece is Founder and Chair of World Mentor, a global web-based mentoring program serving schools, companies and NGOs since 2006. She is Co-founder and co-director of Mentored Pathways, an important World Mentor program launched in 2016 in conjunction with our partner, formerly known as International Telementor Program. Ms. Teece also serves as President of the Teece Family Foundation, which focuses on supporting educational excellence in universities and high schools. She sits on the board of Cal Performances of the University of California Berkeley, on the Advisory Board of the Kravis Leadership Institute of Claremont McKenna College, and on the Advisory Council of Global Citizens Year. Ms Teece was formerly a Vice President with Wells Fargo & Company and with the venture firm Technology Funding, a Research Assistant at High Scope Educational Research Foundation in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She completed her MBA in finance at the Paul Ross School at the University of Michigan, filling a BA from the School if International Relations at USC.



Our Partner Companies

Mentored Pathways is fortunate to have hundreds of teachers, students,
mentors and others who volunteer their time to improve the program and
share the results with new communities. We salute these contributors
who help continue to refine this program.

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