Project: Youthforge: Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

We welcome mentors who have educational and/or practical experience in business or social entrepreneurship. We especially welcome those people with an interest in the creative and visual arts. Mentors may have had experience either owning a business or in some field that assists business owners, such as insurance, finance, law, and marketing.


My Entrepreneurship class is a semester course. We use materials from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. One of the projects students do is write a business plan for a business they would be interested in starting now or later if they were to go into business for themselves. This can be an individual or group project, and plans range from simple ones like making and selling t- shirts from home to organizing internet service companies. Students will have the opportunity to compete with other schools for venture capital and scholarship money. The top two business plans written and orally presented in class are eligible for this area-wide competition.


1) Identify different components of a business plan. 2)Write a feasible business plan, which addresses these areas: Executive Summary, Business Analysis, Market Analysis, Market Strategy, Organizational Analysis, Financial Development, and Financial Analysis. 3) Utilize resources necessary to start a business.



Grade Level:


Content Area:


Student Outcomes:

1) Complete a LEAN Canvas Business Plan. 2) Present their business plan through the 1 Million Cups presentation day. 3) Sell their services and products. 4)Evaluate their success.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

COHAB staff and local mentors will team with telementors from ITP to help participants evaluate their plans, their business fundamentals, and their work and project management skills.

Teacher Role:

Teacher will partner with local business incubator staff and entrepreneurs to ensure students meet telementoring project objectives.

Mentor Role:

Mentors will guide students in getting the most out of the support of mentors. Mentors will support students in the completion of a LEAN Canvas business plan and develop strategies for leveraging their natural artistic talent to meet entrepreneurial goals. They will answer questions students have regarding the feasibility of their ideas for different components of the plan. They will assist in developing professional writing and presentation skills.