Project: 2015 Google Science Fair

Project Plan
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Participating Mentors:

Mentors who have an interest in supporting students in STEM fields. Marnie has been a very successful teacher in supporting students and mentors on science research projects, and she looks forward to having mentors help her student teams succeed in the Google Science Fair. Check out this video of Marnie and her classroom where students are working with mentors to tackle real issues in the area of science nutrition:

This is the learning environment every student craves where there is 100% engagement by 100% of the students 100% of the time.


Students will work on teams and with the support of mentors to create project entries for the Google Science Fair.


Scientific Method and Engineering Design Process Standards Project Sections Checklist: Section 1: Summary o A brief overview of your Project. Optional additions to your summary (submit only one (1) of the following options): o a two (2) minute video (YouTube only) OR, o a slideshow (Google Slides only) with a maximum of twenty (20) slides Note: Videos not produced using YouTube and slides not produced using Google Slides will be disqualified and not viewed. Section 2: About Me: o Introduce yourself / your team. Section 3: Question/Proposal: o Describe the question that you are investigating and your hypothesis, or the problem that you are going to try to solve and the outcome that you expect. Section 4: Research: o An account of the research that you have done into your chosen category, and how this has influenced your Project. Section 5: Method / Testing and Redesign o Describe in detail how you carried out your experiment or tested your solution. Section 6: Results o Data and observations gathered during your experiment or testing, presented clearly with a description of any patterns or trends. Section 7: Conclusion / Report o An explanation of how your experiment or testing answers your question, or why it fails to do so, and whether or not the outcome was as you expected. Section 8: Bibliography, References and Acknowledgements



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Student Outcomes:

Students will work with teammates and telementors to complete entries for the 2015 Google Science Fair.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Students will create entries for the Google Science Fair.

Teacher Role:

Guide students in collaborating with telementors and in completing the requirements of the Google Science Fair program.

Mentor Role:

Mentors will support students in using the science method and/or the engineering design process to meet the requirements for the Google Science Fair