Project: Advanced Marketing Public Relations Project

Teacher: Jolene Wofford
School: Holt High School
Location: Wentzville, Missouri USA
Start Date: 10/24/2011
End Date: 12/16/2011
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

We welcome mentors who have educational and/or practical experience in business and/or public relations. Mentors may have had experience and can give the students the information that will help them teach the importance of getting their message across


My Advanced Marketing is working on projects where they will plan and implement a community/ school wide project. One of the projects students do is write a Public relations project. They campaign may focus on any topic or subject of interest, the campaign will involve planning, organizing and impementing the project and writing it into a report. This can be an individual or group project, The top two Public Relations projects written and orally presented in class are eligible for this area-wide competition.


1: develop and/or identify a theme for a public relations campaign 2.) Plan and organize a public relations campaign in their local community 3.) implement a public relations campaign 4.) evaluate the planning and implementation process.



Grade Level:


Content Area:


Student Outcomes:

1) Engage in activities that clarify and enhance understanding of financial literacy 2) Plan and implement a presentation or activities to educate and promote financial literacy to organized groups. 3) Prepare a written report

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Student will turn in submit sections of the project to the mentor, student will make corrections based on mentors suggestions, student will resubmit edited work, and teacher will grade each section as competed.

Teacher Role:

Teacher will make local connections with business leaders and ensure students meet telementoring project objectives.

Mentor Role:

Mentors will guide students in the completion of business plans. They will answer questions students have regarding the feasibility of their ideas for different components of the plan. They will assist in developing professional writing and presentation skills.