Project: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Teacher: Elaine Jardon
School: Topeka High School
Location: Topeka, Kansas USA
Start Date: 11/01/2010
End Date: 12/17/2010
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

Mentors are NOT required to read the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Instead, we would like mentors to assist students with the research for literary reviews and help students present the results in a poster presentation in class.


Few books in American literature have been both as influential and as thoroughly debated as Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This project is designed to help students understand the way a book can be seen differently over the years, depending on the political and historical context... and that the controversy is not over. This project was adapted from the Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plan.


1. English Literature - research and presentation 2. Individual/Cooperative Learning 3. Technolgy Skills



Grade Level:


Content Area:

English Literature

Student Outcomes:

1. Literature Research 2. Presentation Poster 3. Student/Mentor Communication Messages

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

1. Research Requirements - articles - biblography 2. Presentation Poster Rubric 3. Attendance/Involvement in Project

Teacher Role:

1. Prepare/Teach Curriculum 2. Engage communication between students/mentors 3. Evaluate/Grade Student Outcomes

Mentor Role:

1. Engage in communication with student 2x a week 2. Assist in literature research and helping student meet requirements 3. Review/Critque presentation poster desgin 4. Provide addtional feedback related to evaluation/grade of student outcomes