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Engaging Mentors Globally

We provide an important bridge between the needs of industry and education
by pairing students with business leaders from around the world who act as
personal mentors in a safe, virtually-mentored environment.

Mentor Checklist

Do you have what it takes to be a great mentor? We're looking for professionals who deeply care about academic and career success for youth. What we really want to see happen is fantastic role modeling. You know what it takes to be successful. If you are eager to meet these requirements, please move forward and apply. Thank you!

Communicate twice a week with your student through our secure online messaging system.

Help your student explore career areas connected to his or her interests.

Share the highs and lows of your career path and what you'd do differently if you were in high school now.

Provide feedback about the quality of your student's work in light of industry expectations.

Help your student develop a professional network.

Work closely with your student's teacher or professor.

Submit a survey at the end of each project.

Fully participate in any employee giving program, allowing us to serve more students in the future.

Contact Mentored Pathways at staff@mentoredpathways.org with any questions, comments or emergencies.

Call the school immediately if your student or anyone else is at risk based on communication from your student.

Help us recruit additional employees by pointing them to this page.

Apply Today

Employees of our sponsor companies may proceed directly to the mentor application. Professionals who are not employees of our sponsor companies are asked to get a background check first through Verified Volunteers. If the background check clears, the professional will be encouraged to submit the mentor application. All background checks are completely confidential.



Authentic Student Projects

Mentored Pathways provides an opportunity for students to tackle real industry
issues. We invite you to browse the following project areas to learn more about the
impact Mentored Pathways makes for students around the world.