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Engaging Mentors Globally

We provide an important bridge between the needs of industry and education
by pairing students with business leaders from around the world who act as
personal mentors in a safe, virtually-mentored environment.



Authentic Student Projects

Mentored Pathways provides an opportunity for students to tackle real industry
issues. We invite you to browse the following project areas to learn more about the
impact Mentored Pathways makes for students around the world.

Do you have what it takes to be a great mentor?

Do you:

  • Follow through with what you commit to doing?
  • Have an interest in helping shape future generations of leaders?
  • Effectively communicate in writing?
  • Have reliable access to the Internet?
  • Enjoy working with youth?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then you have what it takes to be an effective Mentored Pathways mentor. Our mentors are employees of Mentored Pathways sponsor companies and organizations and:

  • Make communicating with students a priority by sending a minimum of two project focused messages per week to their mentee(s) through the secure message area on Mentored Pathways's website
  • Draw out the interests and natural abilities of their mentees and allow them to look at who they are from a fresh and professional perspective
  • Convey hope about the future to their students
  • Are excellent problem solvers and help their students learn to overcome obstacles
  • Work closely with the teacher to maximize the progress their student is making on the project and as a person
  • Share the impact of the program on themselves as professionals and encourage coworkers to participate. 

Download a print-ready information sheet about becoming a mentor.

Requirements all mentors agree to:

  1. Use the Mentored Pathways message system for all communication with your student.
  2. Proactively post at least two messages a week for your student.
  3. Submit a survey at the end of each project.
  4. Contact Mentored Pathways staff if you need help or for any emergency regarding you or your student.
I agree to meet all program requirements I am ready to complete and submit the mentor application.



Our Partner Companies

Mentored Pathways is fortunate to have hundreds of teachers, students,
mentors and others who volunteer their time to improve the program and
share the results with new communities. We salute these contributors
who help continue to refine this program.

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