About Mentored Pathways Program

Mentored Pathways facilitates electronic mentoring relationships between professional adults and students worldwide, and is recognized as the leader in the field of academic-based mentoring. Since 1995, over 47,000 students throughout 11 countries have received support, encouragement and guidance from professionals in 22 countries. Mentored Pathways serves students in K-12 and home school environments, as well as college and university settings.

Mentored Pathways is a process that combines the proven practice of mentoring with the speed and ease of electronic communication, enabling busy professionals to make significant contributions to the academic lives of students. Through mentoring by industry professionals, a corporation helps students develop the skills and foundation to pursue their interests successfully and operate at their potential.

Although research shows that face-to-face mentoring programs can have a variety of positive impacts, many top professionals believe they simply don't have the time to make that kind of commitment. By investing about 30 minutes per week, mentors can help students achieve academic excellence and explore their education and career futures.

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Meet the Staff

David Neils - Co-founder and Director

Neils launched Telementor in 1995. Previously, Neils worked as a software developer for Hewlett-Packard. Through Mentored Pathways, Neils has made it possible for more than 44,000 youth to receive academic mentoring support from hundreds of professionals representing a variety of fields. Neils is a frequent speaker on the value of mentoring, as well as the school-to-work transition and purpose-driven education.


Kurt Friedmann - Co-founder

Kurt is the Executive Director of WorldMentor, a non-profit organization that merged with the International Telementor Program in 2016 to form Mentored Pathways. Passionate about improving the individual growth of others, Kurt has a 20-year background in mentoring, learning and development, customer feedback management, and enterprise sales. Kurt currently serves as a Small Business Development Center mentor to over a dozen startup companies in California and Colorado.


Isaac Burson - Program Coordinator

Burson is an English teacher in the Bossier Public School System in Shreveport, Louisianna, and has served as program coordinator for Mentored Pathways since 1996. As such, Burson has worked with students, teachers and mentoring communities from Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, New York, California, Louisiana and Colorado, and as far afield as Singapore, Australia, Italy, Canada and Germany. An expert in project-based learning, Burson has trained many teachers to leverage Mentored Pathways mentoring resources.


Mentored Pathways Volunteers - Mentored Pathways Sponsor Companies

Mentored Pathways is fortunate to have hundreds of teachers, students, mentors and others who volunteer their time to improve the program and share the results with new communities. Mentored Pathways salutes these contributors who help continue to refine this program. Currently, Mentored Pathways receives support from a variety of mentor organizations, including: Agilent Technologies, Google, Inc., Citigroup Inc., City of Fort Collins, Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, Kyle David Group, Logic Nation, MasterCard, Merck & Co., Inc., SunPower Corporation, Thomson Reuters, and University of Colorado HealthSpecial acknowledgment goes to Kansas University Pathways to Success and Gear Up programs for additional support.