Project: Honors Chemistry - Independent Science Research

Step Description Expected Student Results
1 WEEK ONE: Letter of Introduction
1. Student and mentor exchange letters in which student discusses areas of interest in life, career expectations, and ideas for research paper and experiment.
Mentor Role: Mentor may share personal or professional areas of interest and additional insight into any of the items mentioned. Letter of Introduction

Mentor should be sure to share how he or she uses the scientific method and scientific reasoning during his or her professional life.
Letter of Introduction

Mentor should be sure to share how he or she uses the scientific method and scientific reasoning during his or her professional life.
2 WEEK TWO:Develop Experimental Question/Hypothesis and Research
1. Student will decide on a particular topic in Chemistry to focus their interest and determine a possible problem to address through their own scientific investigation
2. Student will use the Internet and other resources to look at current research in science pertaining to their project's subject.
3. Student will submit narrowed down research/experimental question and possible hypothesis to mentor for critique and modification.
Mentor Role:
Provide student with helpful critique of experimental question and hypothesis.
Offer suggestions for other possible areas of research.
Brainstorm with student to identify the best questions/issues to research.
Help students find current research related to their topic.
Research question and hypothesis.
Additional research for report.
3 WEEK THREE: Develop Research Questions and Research Paper outline

1. Student will continue to research scientific topic.
2. Student will send mentor a draft of the research outline
Mentor Role:
Advise student on reliability of research information and sources.
Provide examples of experimental methods and procedures.
Provide examples of controls, dependent variables, and independent variables in his or her profession.
Have outline for research paper.
Documented communication with mentor related to examples of controls, and variables used in their place of work.
4 WEEK FIVE: Research paper rough draft

1. Students will send mentors rough draft of research paper.
2. Students will send mentors experimental design for their own investigation.

Mentor Role:

Provide constructive criticism as students send experimental designs and rough draft.

Rough draft should be submitted by October 28th to mentor for suggestions
Final Research paper due November 11th
1. Students should complete and submit their final research paper by November 11th.

2. Students should identify constants, controls, independent variables, and dependent variables in their own investigations.

Mentors: Provide students with constructive criticism with regards to paper and other experimental design elements.

FINAL PAPER DUE by November 11th. Final paper should be submitted to mentors, school loop and hard copy brought into teacher Friday a.m.
6 WEEK SEVEN: Experimental Methods and Procedures

1. Student will begin to devise data collecting methods.
2. Student will develop experimental procedure and material list.
3. Students and mentor will determine dates for experimental trials.
Mentor Role:
Advise students on data collection methods, including anticipating problems that might occur.
Continue to provide examples from professional environment.

Completed list of experimental methods (with documentation).
7 WEEKS EIGHT-NINE: Experimentation/ Analysis of Data
1. Student will conduct their experiments. They will record all aspects of their procedure and share important information with their mentor.
2. Students will analyze their data and send relevant information to their mentors.
3. If it is possible, students will re-run experiments if their results are inconclusive.

Mentor Role:
Provide students with examples of standards for designing experimental methods.
Help students re-examine their procedures when their original methods fail or present roadblocks.
Mentors and students will examine data to be sure that correct conclusions are being drawn.
Aid students in analyzing data and communicating results.
Experiments should be conducted and data should be analyzed

Data Analysis
Finalized charts and graphs of results
8 WEEK TEN: Finalize Presentation

1. Student will put finishing touches on final presentation and present final product to an audience.
2. Student will upload elements of the project to the project file upload area for critique by mentor. Student will submit final project to mentor and teacher for review.

Mentor Role:
Provide student with an objective evaluation of the project.
Final experiment should be completed and Multimedia Presentation should be sent to mentor and ready for class presentation

Finalize all parts of project for presentation of experiment to class.

PRESENTATION TO CLASS WILL BE Monday and Tues Dec 12 & 13(Dates Subject to change due to State Mandated End Of Course Testing)
9 WEEK ELEVEN: Present Science Project to class for grade. & Thank you Letter to Mentor

1. Students will complete science project presentations via powerpoint and submit them to their mentors for review.

2. Student will write a final letter to mentor. Letters will
*evaluate their own performance on the project, including what the student did well, what he would like to have done differently to improve upon the project.
* provide mentors with specific feedback on what he or she contributed to the success of the project.
Mentor Role:
Encourage students to continue to pursue their interests in science and develop their talents!

Mentor Role:
Review and help finalize last minute details with students.

Presentations and Thank you letters