Project Overview

Project: Applied Communications Documentary of Occupations
Teacher: Nancy Kelley
School: Topeka High School
Location: 800SW 10th Street
Start Date: 03/23/2009
End Date: 05/04/2009

Participant Totals
Student Participants: 0
Mentor Participants: 7

Survey Totals
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 0
Mentor Surveys: 7

Teacher Project Survey Results

Please select those areas where you witnessed significant improvement for your participating students.
Yes No Area of Potential Impact
0 1 Improved math comprehension and ability
0 1 Increased registration for advanced math courses
0 1 Improved science comprehension and ability
0 1 Increased registration for advanced science courses
1 0 Improved Communication skills (Written or Oral)
0 1 Improved subject grades
0 1 Improved standardized test scores
0 1 Improved critical thinking skills
1 0 Improved teamwork
0 1 Improved school attendence
0 1 Increase in self-directed learning
1 0 Increase integration of knowledge across subject areas and interest areas
1 0 Increase in knowledge of the workplace
0 1 Increased desire to become a proactive learner
0 1 Increased desire to go to college
0 1 Other areas

Please describe additional areas that may have been impacted by this program.
My more advanced student gained expereince in working on tasks in a way that they will probably utilize in their own working actitives.

Please indicate the percentage of your students who are actively moving in the direction of becoming proactive learners.

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in math.
Students were to practice story telling and share one of their experiences with their mentor. The mentors also shared their stories. For proactive learning I believe that the students saw that their experiences are valuable and the experiences of successful adults can somewhat match their own coming of age stories.

How many students would you prefer to directly supervise in the program next year?

Please provide some tips on how we can partner with you to expand the program in your area.
Use telementoring during the first semeseter so the students can demonstrate their proactive learning though a bigger part of the school year.

How would you rate the quality of the matches between your students and mentors overall on a scale of 1 - 5?

Please describe any changes you'd like to see that might further improve the quality of the matches.
I have no suggestions.

Describe a few things you and your students and mentors were able to accomplish through this program that would have been difficult or impossible any other way.
My students would not have known the value of their personal stories or learned to care about the stores told by strangers.

How would you rate the quality of the help you received from the International Telementor Center staff throughout this project on a scale of 1 - 5?

How often were you able to communicate with the mentor group as a whole?

How often were your students able to communicate, on average, with the mentors?
Every other day

Describe significant changes that you would like to see in the program or school environment that would improve the effectiveness of the program for you and your students. Please note who would be responsible for making those changes.
It is difficult to run the program effeciently on a block schedule where we meet every other day. The district will change that in a few years probably. The computer cart was not trustworthy. IT Not enough computers for an entire class to work. district

How has this program assisted you to use technology more effectively?
My students are in need of using computers to work for them in their education. I was okay with the technology.

Please note the impact this program has had on meeting state or national standards on a scale of 1 - 5. Where 1 is none and 5 is signifigant

Please describe this impact, if any, in your own words.
My students were encouraged to write clearly and to read the responses from their mentors. They had direct experience every other day in communicating both as a source and as a receiver..

If "students at-risk" are defined as those who have low motivation to learn, what percentage of the students you supervised this year met this criterion.

When you applied to be a teacher contact you were asked to meet the following requirements.
  1. All student/mentor commmunication is project based
  2. Participating students receive a subject grade and turn in work at least biweekly
  3. Teachers should communicate at least biweekly with the mentors
  4. Students should be self-selected for participation.
  5. Teachers should expect a high degree of accountability from their students.
  6. Teachers should respond to specific program problems within 48 hours
How many requirements you were able to meet this year.

Please describe which requirements, if any, helped you be successful in the program?
All played a part in overall success because they helped to driect those who wanted to be a part to know their expectations.

Please describe which requirements, if any, were difficult to meet. Please note why these requirements were difficult to meet.
Accessing computers for those students who elected to participate was sometimes a problem. Also given the block schedule we maintain and the degree of activities some of the students particpate in, communicating twice a week was somewhat of a problem. Any less than that and the time would be too short.

If you were helping a new teacher start in this program, what advice would you offer that would aid this new teacher and his or her students to be successful participants?
Advice: 1) have a daily objective for the students to meet. 2) Practice the lesson once without telementoring before jumbing into the program. 3) A manageable number of students is fifteen.

Do you plan to participate in the program next year?

Please estimate how many students in your school district or city could take advantage of this program next year?

What additional training would you recommend for teachers next year?
No recommendation. The training meets the needs of the program.