Project Overview

Project: 2016-17 Engineering Design/Development
Teacher: Jim Weber
School: Timberland
Location: 559 East Highway N
Start Date: 09/25/2016
End Date: 07/31/2017

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 4
Mentor Participants: 3

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 4
Mentor Surveys: 3

Student Project Survey Results

Please describe the best part of working on this project with your mentor.
Getting thought provoking messages making me think longer on the assignments was really great to get!
The assistance on the projects, especially in the outline and research aspects.
The best part was being able to get help with things that we did not have any experience with.
He gave my group very good ideas in brainstorming and contributed some tips and pointers that we would not have been able to think of ourselves.

Please share any other academic areas where you'd like to receive help from a mentor.
A mathematics or physics mentor would be helpful in order to focus efforts on mathematics while discussing the problems.
Id like help in Physics and Calculus classes
Any class where there is an extended project like this one.

What advice would you give your mentor as he or she works with a new student?
Constant communication
I would suggest bringing more ideas to the table than just questions I ask.
They were great not much advice.
My mentor was virtually perfect. For other mentors, I would say to at least show interest in their student's projects.

How comfortable were you communicating with your mentor about your project?
0 - Uncomfortable
0 -
0 -
3 -
1 - Very Comfortable

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in math.
No - 4
Yes - 0

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in science.
No - 4
Yes - 0

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in reading and writing.
No - 4
Yes - 0

My writing skills have improved.
No - 3
Yes - 1

My teamwork skills have improved.
No - 1
Yes - 3

I'm taking more responsibility for my own academic success.
No - 3
Yes - 1

I plan to further my education beyond high school (trade school, community college, university).
No - 3
Yes - 1

What was your overall experience using the Mentored Pathways Web site?
0 - Difficult
0 -
1 -
3 -
0 - Easy

Please rate your overall experience in the program.
0 - Negative
0 -
2 -
2 -
0 - Very Positive

Would you be interested in receiving mentoring support from professionals in the future?
2 - No
2 - Yes

Please describe why or why not.
It just sometimes feels more like a hassle at times
It is inconvenient to receive support through emails and not in person. It is difficult to present the information I dont understand through writing instead of showing the object.
Having someone to help is nice but I dont know if having to email someone is better than having someone in real life.
Our mentors provided some very insightful information throughout on the proper way to further our project.

Was this the first time you've been part of a formal mentoring program?
0 - No
4 - Yes

Please describe the most difficult parts of working on this project with your mentor.
Sometimes it'd be a hassle to get a response when I was thinking about doing one thing or another
The most difficult part of working with the mentor was the inability to show the mentor the prototype. Pictures and words are difficult to explain a physical project.
The most difficult part wad uploading things to our mentor and sharing our website and uploading pictures.
My mentor did not show this, but many of my peers' mentors did not show much interest in the project and gave very short responses to every email.

Did we miss something? If so, please share any additional comments you might have about your experience in the program.
A main problem I had was the inability to upload videos to mentored pathways. This made communication extremely difficult, especially as I'm showing off an object.
Nope, great job on this program!