Project Overview

Project: Spring 2015 College and Career Exploration
Teacher: Charlotte Gray
School: Holt High School
Location: 600 Campus Drive
Start Date: 01/15/2015
End Date: 05/08/2015

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 8
Mentor Participants: 4

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 8
Mentor Surveys: 4

Student Project Survey Results

Please describe the best part of working on this project with your mentor.
The best part of working on this project with my mentor was discovering what I want to do with my career. My mentor was so supportive and encouraging which made the experience even more enjoyable.
Meeting someone totally new and getting a different perspective on my future goals and plans for my life.
The best part of working with my mentor was getting her opinion and advice on my future career and college plans. It was good to hear it from someone else other than my parents.
I got guidance from a real professional.
The best part of working on this project with my mentor would be having my mentor there to guide me and help me when needed. I honestly don't think that everything I've done through this project would have even been possible without my mentor's help.
I was able to decide what college I was going to attend and what career I am going to pursue in the future.
It was nice to have someone help me consider aspects I was not and help me with my research.
Having someone constantly critiquing my work made me want to do the best I could at every task.

Please share any other academic areas where you'd like to receive help from a mentor.
I hope to have a mentor that will help guide me during my years through college.
I think getting help from my mentor in my english class would be beneficial. Having another person to read over and edit my papers and getting advice on how to start it would help me.
Math and science skills.
I honestly don't believe that I need very much help through schooling, however I will always need help making big decisions like what I should specialize in and what courses I should take in order to get the most out of my college education.
I would always like to receive help form a mentor in life skill's and in English and Math.
Math would be great, child development was very helpful, and English would be very helpful.
Math- specifically college algebra

What advice would you give your mentor as he or she works with a new student?
You can never give too much feedback. Share some things about yourself like your interests or what your doing over the weekend. Doing this makes students feel more comfortable with you. Also, understand that as students we can become very busy with other things so we cant communicate every day.
Be open about your life and make it as personal as you can. One of my favorite things about Serena and Zac is that they shared a lot of their own personal experiences as well as let me in on what they were doing with their lives at the current time. Another piece of advice is to really get the students to explore their options and go outside of their comfort zones, you never know how much you might like something unless you give it a shot.
Try and work on finding professionals as soon as possible to make sure they get enough thorough interviews for the project.
To focus a bit more on the project and not on their personal life.
My advice to my mentor would be to just help his new student as much as possible and to make sure to always give his constructive criticism on every task because without it, I wouldn't have gotten very far.
I would push them to make them better and tell them to never give up even if it gets tough.
Keep up the great work! You helped me in many ways and I couldn't be more thankful.
I would make sure that you have enough free time to dedicate to the student you are working with.

How comfortable were you communicating with your mentor about your project?
0 - Uncomfortable
0 -
0 -
3 -
5 - Very Comfortable

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in math.
No - 6
Yes - 2

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in science.
No - 6
Yes - 2

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in reading and writing.
No - 3
Yes - 5

My writing skills have improved.
No - 1
Yes - 7

My teamwork skills have improved.
No - 3
Yes - 5

I'm taking more responsibility for my own academic success.
No - 1
Yes - 7

I plan to further my education beyond high school (trade school, community college, university).
No - 0
Yes - 8

What was your overall experience using the Mentored Pathways Web site?
0 - Difficult
0 -
2 -
3 -
3 - Easy

Please rate your overall experience in the program.
0 - Negative
0 -
2 -
1 -
5 - Very Positive

Would you be interested in receiving mentoring support from professionals in the future?
0 - No
8 - Yes

Please describe why or why not.
Maybe, I do not know if I will need to in the future.
I loved everything about this program! I liked the fact that I had someone encouraging and pushing me to succeed that was outside of my family and teachers. I would want to do this again because of how much I was able to accomplish and figure out how I wanted to plan my future with the help of my mentors.
This experience was very beneficial for me and I hope to work with another mentor in college for advice on classes and internships.
With the help of this professional, I got more guidance towards my career skills.
Thanks to this program, I will always be interested in receiving mentoring because no matter where I am in life, there is always room for improvement and having someone to help you through the process makes it so much easier. Also, it guarantees that you did everything correct and to your full potential.
Yes, I would like to receive help in the future in area's I need it in because I there is always room for improvement and I want to better myself.
It was very helpful and it was great to have someone lean on to help me.
I would be interested in receiving more mentoring support from a professional in the future. I would like someone to look over my college essays.

Was this the first time you've been part of a formal mentoring program?
0 - No
8 - Yes

Please describe the most difficult parts of working on this project with your mentor.
Overall working on this project was easy. My mentor was supportive which made things easier on me.
The only difficulty for me was switching mentors in the middle of the project.
The most difficult part was the timing. We weren't able to get on some days and others we both had things to do.
I had some trouble researching some things.
The most difficult parts of working on this project with my mentor were when it took longer periods of time to respond to each other to get things done and when the directions weren't stated clearly and my teacher had to do part of the mentor's jobs as a result.
The most difficult part was understanding the task I had and his task for me.
Only being able to talk through email
I had a very difficult time reaching my mentor and at one point I did not feel as if my mentor was not reading his tasks as a mentor and it caused some slight issues, but I was able to work around it.

Did we miss something? If so, please share any additional comments you might have about your experience in the program.
Loved the program and I think more students should go through this at least once during high school.
Overall, the experience was good and I hope to get an opportunity to do something like this again.
MY experience in this program has been amazing. I have learned so much more about my career interest and I have even decided to get my master's degree instead of just a bachelor's degree.
No. You hit all the areas well.