Project Overview

Project: 2012 - 2013 High Park Fire Research and Recovery
Teacher: Sarah Bayer
School: Polaris Expeditionary Learning School
Location: 1905 Orchard Pl
Start Date: 09/14/2012
End Date: 05/15/2013

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 21
Mentor Participants: 15

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 21
Mentor Surveys: 15

Student Project Survey Results

Please describe the best part of working on this project with your mentor.
The best part of this project was working with a mentor of course, but she didn't give me direct answers which was nice. She was helpful but not to helpful you know? She answered my questions but didn't elaborate
The coummution was great and feedback helped me alot. Dan was a great mentor.
The best part of working with my mentor is having the security of someone to help you when you struggle with your school work. Whenever I felt stuck, I could just E-mail my mentor and receive almost immediate feedback and support. I was able to have someone to edit my work before I turned it in as well.
I enjoyed receiving feedback from my mentor on my work. It helped me improve my final products.
The best part of working with my mentor is that I could access him 24/7 on the internet instead of having to wait until school.
The best part of working on this project with my mentor was all of the feedback I received. I was able to achieve a high level of academic success on all of my assignments, due to my mentors help and feedback. I also greatly enjoyed the opportunity of sharing my work with someone outside of my school. It gave me a widened perspective as to what "good work" is, and how I can improve my writing, research and calculation in the future.
The best part was being able to collaborate ideas with my mentor. I was able to share my ideas and she was able to share hers, and it really helped me. It was also fun to hear about things going on in both of our lives that connected to the project in someway.
My mentor helped me a lot with my project. He produced almost instantaneous feed back on work and helped me with certain mental road blocks I received during the trip.
The best part of working with my mentor was getting to know her and how she works in her daily life. We made connections and she didn’t just help me with science she helped me with what I asked her, and I did the same.
My mentor would always provide timely feedback and was willing to go the extra mile by sending me links of things I was curious to.
Meeting a new person who is willing to give advice was very cool. I did not use it as much as I should however. This was because I do not get on my computer a lot and I had far more important classes to focus on.
I liked that my mentor was someone that I could always seek help with, no matter what the subject was on. My mentor was always ready to help me, even when help was not needed.
The best part of working with my mentor was the unending support and help that she has given me. I think that without it The projects would have been a little harder to do.
When working on this project my mentor helps me review my work so that I can correct the work that i produce. Without this I would have feedback from my teacher and with a mentor it allows me to get a third opinion so I can complete my work to the best of my ability. There are many things that my mentor helped me with this quarter and without the help of the mentor the project that I worked on would not have been as successful.
the best part was the one on one help that was always there.
The best part was getting all of the helpful feedback.
I beleive the best part of working with a mentor was the constant stream of good information and positive feedback. I really thought the information helped quite a bit with all my fire ecology projects.
It was nice having a resource I could use at any time to help with my project. She was very helpful whenever I e-mailed her. The feedback was nice when I wasn't certain about what to do.
The best part of working with my mentor on this project is that she was able to proof read any of my work. When I was given an assignment, I could email it to her and she'd read over it to find any mistakes or something that wasn't clear. Then I could go back and fix any mistakes before the due date. Without my mentor, I would typically just ask one of my friends to look over any of my work, but my mentor gave me much more thorough feedback than my friends do.
I think the best part of working with my mentor is when we were working on the video. She gave me so much feedback that helped me so much.
My mentor was very similar to me and he gets stuff done.

Please share any other academic areas where you'd like to receive help from a mentor.
I would like other academic help with all my other subjects, it is a nice program and very VERY helpful.
none I feel like I'm doing preety well on my own.
I don't think there are any other areas I would need to receive help from my mentor because my mentor already helps me with every class i'm taking. Any sort of assignment I send him, he'll look at and edit.
I'm not really sure what to say for this. It was useful to have him for this class, but I do not see myself being a part of the telementor program outside of this class.
Some academic areas that could help me is in Health.
Honestly I could use a mentor for all of my classes. One on one feedback and help is what makes my learning flourish. Though my teachers at my school are knowledgeable and helpful, they don't always have time to work with you individually. This is where having a mentor greatly increases your academic success, and why I could use one for any class.
I would like to receive help in other areas of science for example biochemistry. I also would want a mentor to help me with my grammar. I can see myself wanting the support of a mentor with English, so they could critique and proof read my writing, and brainstorm ideas with me.
I believe that a mentor would be most beneficial in a class that requires a large amount of writing and feedback. Such as an English class or a psychology class. I also think that having a mentor in an art class would be a really interesting idea. Mainly photography mentors
Receiving assistance in English or a language class would be most helpful to me because it would help to hear another opinion on certain story lines or projects.
Writting would be an excellent area to have a mentor because writting is not only difficult, but it is impossible to improve if you don't have somebody to help you and give you feedback.
No comment.
I would prefer having a mentor in math, where my work can be reviewed and checked for errors. In science (the class that my mentor is helping me with), the project that I'm working on doesn't really have a right or wrong, so it's hard for my mentor to give me feedback.
The only area that I've used the help of my mentor was that of my biology class.
Another subject that I would like to possibly receive help from a mentor with would be in Computer Programming. This has always been something that I am interested by and there are few classes that are available to take for this. I think a mentor would give me more help when I need it to get more out of the occasional class that is offered.
i thing that i would not need any help academically.
I feel like the only subject that a mentor would be good for, for me, is science.
I wouldnt really need a mentor in any other areas, i prefer to let myself be the judge of my work, but i think biology was a good exception.I enjoyed having a mentor in this class.
I think it would be nice to get help proofreading some of my essays in world geography. We do one or two every week, so it would be nice to get feedback on them.
I think that it would be very helpful to have a mentor in social study classes. In most social study classes the assignments require multiple drafts and more research. A mentor would be helpful in situations such as this. But really, in any class a mentor would be helpful.
Maybe Jane could be my mentor for anatomy and physisiolgy. I be her feedback would help me, like she did in our biology class..
It would amazing if there could be a Spanish mentor you could send audio files with you speaking in Spanish for help froum your mentor. you should talk to Steve Majors [the Spanish teacher at Polaris].

What advice would you give your mentor as he or she works with a new student?
Being more up front with answers, not so much just "giving" us all the answers but giving us more leadway.
Keep doing what your doing you were a great mentor.
I would advise that new mentors figure out their students schedule and what classes they are currently taking. This will help them give as much support as possible over a variety of school work. I also suggest chatting with the student. I know in my case, when my mentor told me about his job and life, I felt like it was easier to talk to him about school work as well.
Keep doing what you are doing, you are a good mentor and you're good for the job.
Keep doing what you have done for me. Keep giving them the information, details, and revisions that you have sent me.
Continue to be as professional and helpful as you have been for me!
I would maybe try and always give advice, and ask the student questions. In the beginning maybe the student and mentor should set up goals they would both like to achieve. My mentor actually was really good with this next one, but a piece of advice would be to not always talk about the project and keep a total serious conversation the whole time. Ask how the students weekend was, or maybe tell them something about your weekend. When my mentor and I would talk about these things, I would think of her more as a person to talk to rather than a robot somewhere on the other side of the country, messaging me.
Keep up the good work. Chris did a very good ob at producing feed back and assisting me with social and school related problems. He was someone to talk to when high school got annoying and I though it was very nice of him to put of with my constant ranting.
Advice to my mentor if she gets another student would just do exactly what you did. Paula was persistent and a great mentor.She made things Personal and not just book study.
I have no advice for my mentor she did a good job.
Keep doing what you are doing. You are very helpful but I simply took the help you had for granted and chose not to use it.
I don't have any advice for my mentor. He was really cool and really wanted to help me succeed. It was only difficult because I really honestly didn't need that much help in the class that my mentor worked with me in. He also didn't have that much feedback on the work that I produced, and would often say that I did quality work, which ultimately got a grade of 4.0. I don't have any advice for my mentor, but it was tricky to have suggestions for work improvement.
I would say,Just remember to have patience and kindness, and to never give up on your new student.
Advice that I would give to my mentor would be that she is doing a great job and was very helpful. She was very nice and polite and this made it really easy to talk to her. She was also very helpful when I needed help with my work and gave feedback with minimal wait. She helped me greatly with producing high quality work as well as making it more professional.
I would not give any advice other than keep on doing what your doing right now.
I can't think of much. Besides maybe a little more detailed feedback.
I dont really know. My mentor was consistent, contructive and overall, very helpful. They pretty much did everything perfect.
I think just giving more detailed feedback on written assignments. Other then that, I have no issues with how she did.
I don't think that I would have any advice for my mentor as she works with another student. She was consistent and detailed with her messages to me. If there was any issues with our communication it was most likely due to me lacking. I think that my mentor did very well with helping me with my project.
My advice would be, for her to just be her. Also to just give as much help to the student as she can.
To check messages faster it really held me back.

How comfortable were you communicating with your mentor about your project?
0 - Uncomfortable
0 -
4 -
7 -
10 - Very Comfortable

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in math.
No - 14
Yes - 7

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in science.
No - 7
Yes - 14

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in reading and writing.
No - 10
Yes - 11

My writing skills have improved.
No - 11
Yes - 10

My teamwork skills have improved.
No - 7
Yes - 14

I'm taking more responsibility for my own academic success.
No - 5
Yes - 16

I plan to further my education beyond high school (trade school, community college, university).
No - 10
Yes - 11

What was your overall experience using the Mentored Pathways Web site?
0 - Difficult
1 -
8 -
5 -
7 - Easy

Please rate your overall experience in the program.
0 - Negative
5 -
2 -
6 -
8 - Very Positive

Would you be interested in receiving mentoring support from professionals in the future?
6 - No
15 - Yes

Please describe why or why not.
I wouldn't mind recieving mentoring support in other subject in the future because it is nice talking to someone about school, its like me teaching someone. Its a partner throughout the entire thing.
No because i like working through things on my own.
I am interested in receiving future mentor support for the same reasons I like to have it now. I enjoy having the stability that the program offers to students and having someone to proof read, edit and sometimes just chat with. It makes my classes that must easier.
While this program was helpful for this class at times, I do not really see it helping me anywhere else. I don't really see where else it could prove to be useful for me.
Why I would like mentoring support in the future is that mentors can really help during classes. They can give small bits of information that you wouldn't think of which would help even more in the class.
The tele-mentor tool has helped me so much in my academic success this year. I would be very interested in using this resource again, due to my grades and overall level of success in the project.
I would be interested, because with big projects it is always nice to get help from your teacher, but the teacher is not always available. With my mentor their job is to help me, this way I would be receiving the same amount of help from someone just as familiar with the subject, and my work would be of quality.
I would like a mentor in the future. I think it was really helpful to have a mentor to bounce ideas off of.
A mentor is like a peer with credentials. Having someone to turn to when you need help on something is an awesome experience.
I feel that mentors are a great way to improve yourself.
Having a mentor in anything has never really been my thing. I simply do not like the program in general. This is most likely because it was my first time using this and I did not really know what to do.
I want to receive mentoring support in the future, but only in subjects where I want feedback, or subjects where there is a solidified right or wrong answer. I'm interested in writing, so maybe I could have somewhat of an online writing coach. If the subject isn't one where I want or can get feedback on, then I do not want a mentor in the future.
I think that having an extra opinion on certain things is acctually really helpful and is really great to have.
The reason I might like to receive a mentor in the future is because they are a great help to encourage you and also give feedback on work that you produce. This will help increase my productivity and also help me to communicate with proffesionals in the future when I leave high school and continue to college/universities
i would not because the project was hard to keep at a constant rate of progression.
I would because, as I said before, the feedback was quite helpful.
I honestly dont beleive i would benefit from a mentor in any other area than in biology. I enjoyed the experience, but i really probably wouldnt do it again.
I don't think the help I had was any more helpful then I could have gotten in class. I just don't think it was a very good use of my time.
I would be interested in receiving mentor support from professionals in the future because I had a positive experience with the program. The program isn't specific to just one subject and is very applicable to any subject in school. I believe that a mentor would be benefiting in all subjects at school, especially the core subjects such as English, math, and science.
I would love to have menotr support in the future, because i think it would help me understand what im doing from another person perspective.
If utilized better it would extremely effective.

Was this the first time you've been part of a formal mentoring program?
0 - No
21 - Yes

Please describe the most difficult parts of working on this project with your mentor.
That it was all through emailing. Sometimes that was very difficult for me to access or to remember to access.
The most diffucult part of this project was to origanaly desine the project.
The most difficult part of working with a mentor is having consistent e-mails sent back and forth from both sides. Sometimes someone, either the mentor or the student, will go on vacation or get sick. This can cause a delay in response and can be stressful if something is important.
Being able to find the time to e-mail them back.
The most difficult part of working on this project with my mentor was trying to keep up with all the messages that the mentor would send.
I was sick for a large portion of the project, making it harder for my to communicate with my mentor. Though it was my fault, I feel there were too many gaps in time where communication with my mentor was thin or vague. That's what was difficult for me while working on this project.
The only difficult part was some of the technical aspects of telementor. Sometimes it would be difficult to send links or upload documents, and I think especially when sharing my work, it should be easier to do that.
The lag between the messages being sent and getting another message was difficult to work around. At times ether my mentor or myself would send a message and the other person would not reply for a few days. That was the only difficult thing that I can think of with the program.
Knowing when I get a message was a problem because I do not have time to check it every day and having it open all of the time is not beneficial.
The most difficult parts was not always having class time to reply and uploading documents.
I had no idea what to do half the time. This is not the mentors fault however because I just did not really know what to do half the time.
I think my mentor is a really cool person, however he wasn't too experienced with certain topics. My job was to edit videos throughout the school year and record data, and my mentor didn't quite know how to edit videos at all. Because of this, he was unable to provide feedback for my videos, and ultimately was no help at all.
I think that the most difficult thing was uploading my reports, because the uploading thing was really difficult to use.
During the time of this project I felt that I really didn't have many difficult parts in the project. I felt very comfortable working with them and getting feedback from them.
the hardest part was the inconsistent progression.
The most difficult part was finding time to send messages regularly.
I would say the hardest thing was keeping consistent email flowing to my mentor, due to the fact that i dont have internet at home.
The most difficult part of this for me was having to message her so much. I am not good at remembering to message people.
The most difficult parts of working on the project with my mentor was trying to explain what exactly the assignment is. Since I didn't really know what exactly she knew about the class, I felt the need to try and explain everything to her so that she'd be in the loop.
The diffucult part was when i had to hear her talk bout her family having struggles. It broke my heart.
not being able to show him things.

Did we miss something? If so, please share any additional comments you might have about your experience in the program.
I appreciated it(:
no it was good
It was a great experience for me. I loved it.
My mentor was professional and helpful. Please, continue to employ people as insightful, knowledgeable and helpful as my mentor!
I had a pretty great experience!
Nothing was missed, I enjoyed being a part of the International Telementor Program.
Thank you for the experience with working with Paula.
One thing that should be changed is the assignments that come up when you click on your inbox. This was annoying because it was last semesters assignments.
No comment.
Overall this program wasn't too helpful for me in this class. I really didn't like having to communicate to someone who couldn't provide me with feedback, and it got tedious to keep receiving e-mails that had little to no feedback. I know that almost everyone else in my class can agree with me in saying that this program was more frustrating than it was helpful.
Nothing that I can think of at the moment.
My mentor really helped me with the project and gave helpful feedback that improved the overall quality of the work produced by the project. Having a mentor really helped me through the project and come out with quality results.
i have no further comments.
I liked the program in the long run, and if students are looking to do a big project, this is the program to help them out.
I think you covered everything.
My whole experiance was amazing, and helpful.
please next time use the mentors much more!!!!