Project Overview

Project: Fall 2009 Senior Level Education Plan
Teacher: Elaine Bradford
School: Airline High School
Location: 2801 Airline Dr
Start Date: 08/31/2009
End Date: 12/12/2009

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 3
Mentor Participants: 3

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 3
Mentor Surveys: 3

Student Project Survey Results

Please describe the best part of working on this project with your mentor.
I was able to obtain more knowledge about different universities that I am interested in. I also enjoyed finding a career that best suits me. My mentor was always positive, and I enjoyed working with her every day.
The best part about Mr. Look was his encouragement of my abilities and work. Often times, gifted students are constantly pushed to succeed in larger and more important areas, while they do not receive encouragement and praise for the accomplishments that they do. Mr. Look differed from most professionals in that he praised my accomplishments and made me feel like my work was valuable.
The best part of this project was having someone that believed in me from only messaging back in forth a couple of times, and actually taking interest in me and wanting me to succeed.

Please share any other academic areas where you'd like to receive help from a mentor.
Science and English would be great!

What advice would you give your mentor as he or she works with a new student?
To keep doing what she is doing. There is not one area that Bev did not do well in. She addressed every assignment and always encouraged me to do my best. Since I always managed to complete all of my work, Bev and I were able to discuss other topics, such as holidays and basic information about each other. Bev was wonderful, and she does not need to change anything.
You were very helpful to me during the past couple of months that we have worked together. Keep up the good work!
Well Audrey I feel you were perfect in every aspect, if there were any problems they came from me not really knowing what information to send etc. Also I procrastinate so I'm sure if I had been doing what I needed she would have been able to further help me.

How comfortable were you communicating with your mentor about your project?
0 - Uncomfortable
0 -
0 -
0 -
3 - Very Comfortable

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in math.
No - 2
Yes - 1

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in science.
No - 2
Yes - 1

I have a better understanding of the importance of doing well in reading and writing.
No - 2
Yes - 1

My writing skills have improved.
No - 1
Yes - 2

My teamwork skills have improved.
No - 1
Yes - 2

I'm taking more responsibility for my own academic success.
No - 1
Yes - 2

I plan to further my education beyond high school (trade school, community college, university).
No - 1
Yes - 2

What was your overall experience using the Mentored Pathways Web site?
0 - Difficult
0 -
1 -
1 -
1 - Easy

Please rate your overall experience in the program.
0 - Negative
0 -
0 -
1 -
2 - Very Positive

Would you be interested in receiving mentoring support from professionals in the future?
1 - No
2 - Yes

Please describe why or why not.
The Telementor Project has helped me in various areas for two years in a row. If the objective of the mentors stays the same, I know that they will excel in helping me with anything that I wish to do.
I am graduating from high school this year, and I feel that having a cyber mentor is no longer necessary in my life. I think that I must start making my own decisions independent of collaboration with others in order to learn how to be a successful adult.
I feel that if I am able to team up with someone in my particular field interest than I would learn a lot from having their experience and knowledge.

Was this the first time you've been part of a formal mentoring program?
3 - No
0 - Yes

Please describe the most difficult parts of working on this project with your mentor.
The only difficult part of the project was my fault. I was working on other projects in my class and did not have as much time to focus on the mentoring site.
I did not find a way to look ahead to future assignments that I would be doing. This would be very helpful, because I could not complete current parts of my project due to some external factor, so being able to look ahead to the future work would be helpful.
I once worked with the mentor program on a science project, and for me it was easier to have more data and an experiment to work with someone on than the personal aspect of this current project.

Did we miss something? If so, please share any additional comments you might have about your experience in the program.
Thank you for providing this service to high school students. If no one has ever told y'all, let me be the first to say that the Telementor project has not only helped me throughout high school, but it has truly changed my future. Thanks!
You need to recruit more mentors from a vast array of backgrounds. I think that having a large pool of mentors who mentor fewer than five students in their lifetime would be much better than a smaller pool mentoring many students.
I enjoyed working with this program very much!