Project Overview

Project: 2015-16 Engineering Design/Development
Teacher: Tami Hart
School: Prairie View High School
Location: 12909 E 120th Ave
Start Date: 02/15/2016
End Date: 05/20/2016

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 2
Mentor Participants: 2

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 2
Mentor Surveys: 2

Mentor Project Survey Results

Please indicate the student skill areas that you feel you influenced through this project.
1 - Improved math comprehension and ability
1 - Improved science comprehension and ability
1 - Improved written communication skills
2 - Improved basic research skills
2 - Improved project management skills
2 - Improved collaboration skills

Please indicate if your mentoring support aided your student in the following areas.
1 - Better understanding of a professional work environment
2 - Improved awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities
2 - Increased desire to research and plan for post-secondary education
2 - Improved awareness of the value of a professional support network

The average quality of the messages received from students throughout the project.

Did your student share a final product (presentation, research report, plan, etc) with you for this project?
0 - N/A
1 - Yes
1 - No

Average level and quality of assistance received from the teacher throughout the project.

Average level and quality of assistance you received from Mentored Pathways staff throughout the project.

Things either the teacher or the Mentored Pathways Staff do to make a similar project more successful.
General Suggestion: Due to weekly or more infrequent communication, I would suggest some sort of project tracker that could be updated by the student and reviewed by the mentor to limit the amount of time it takes the mentor to get up to speed. I found myself re-reading past communications to get myself updated prior to reading and responding to the current messages. Some sort of tracker in the Telementor system would be a great tool for the mentors to stay up to date.
For mentors that join mid-project, provide more background in what has already happened in the project, especially for the student being mentored. My student usually was about 2+ weeks behind as per teacher prompts for what we should discuss - she seemed to have been quite busy with other projects and tests being a senior.

Feedback regarding the quality of the student's final project as well as suggestions for improvement.
Given the time and resources constraints, the final project was extremely impressive. I do believe the engineering and science behind the group's work was far beyond their years in terms of accuracy and understanding. One thing I did notice was the final product itself could use some improvement from a formatting and grammatical standpoint.
I saw a photo of the project but not any reports, etc. From her feedback it seems as if it was successful.

Overall experience in the program.

Would you consider mentoring new students in the future?
0 - No
2 - Yes

Why or why not.
This was a great experience for me, Nagisa is a fantastic student with a lot of drive. I was able to help her with both her project and plan for college. It was a rewarding experience that allows me to recall my engineering design and project days.
The time spent vs. the positive contributions I feel I have feels like a good ratio

The most rewarding aspect of participating.
Being able to give some valuable perspective from the other side of high school / college. I enjoyed working with the student as she was very intelligent and passionate about the project and her professional future.
Positive messages from my student

The most difficult aspect of participating.
Since this was an engineering design project, the telementor setup of one online communication a week was innately difficult for us to fully understand each other. A lot of concepts and explanations would be better given in a face-to-face setting with the device/equipment there in the room. That being said, I think we did a good job given the constraint.
Coming in late with a project already behind

First time you've been part of a formal mentoring program.
2 - No
0 - Yes