Project Overview

Project: Timberline - College and Career Readiness
Teacher: Liz Hoelzer
School: Timberline PK-8
Location: 233 E Mountain View Ave,
Start Date: 09/25/2014
End Date: 05/22/2015

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 0
Mentor Participants: 5

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 0
Mentor Surveys: 5

Mentor Project Survey Results

Please indicate the student skill areas that you feel you influenced through this project.
0 - Improved math comprehension and ability
0 - Improved science comprehension and ability
4 - Improved written communication skills
3 - Improved basic research skills
1 - Improved project management skills
3 - Improved collaboration skills

Please indicate if your mentoring support aided your student in the following areas.
4 - Better understanding of a professional work environment
3 - Improved awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities
4 - Increased desire to research and plan for post-secondary education
3 - Improved awareness of the value of a professional support network

The average quality of the messages received from students throughout the project.

Did your student share a final product (presentation, research report, plan, etc) with you for this project?
0 - N/A
5 - Yes
0 - No

Average level and quality of assistance received from the teacher throughout the project.

Average level and quality of assistance you received from Mentored Pathways staff throughout the project.

Things either the teacher or the Mentored Pathways Staff do to make a similar project more successful.
Large breaks in communication so it wasn't apparent if the class had other things they were focusing on or it was the particular student that I worked with
more input specifc to my mentees progress, challenges, et c- I did not see a final presentation, was not sure if i was meant to expect one or push for one? addiotnal guidance in the brackground woul dhave been helpful specifically related to my mentee
I'm not sure what happened, but the structure around this project was much less than I have seen before. There were often several weeks between the times I heard from my student. Also, what the teacher was telling me I would see was not what I did see. Perhaps my student just had a rough year and was not around much?
Got the feeling the students were overwhelmed with school and didn't have time to work this project or at least not communicate.
This project was pretty challenging to follow and frustrating. We only heard from the teacher 11 times for this year-long project, most of which was in the first half of the project. It was very difficult to know what the students were working on throughout the project. Currently, it has been 50 days since I have heard from the student. Better and more frequent (weekly/bi-weekly) communication from the teacher would help as would ensuring that students can write to mentors/work on the project weekly.

Feedback regarding the quality of the student's final project as well as suggestions for improvement.
Didn't see the final project.
did not see a final project
Sadly, I never did see any of the student's projects.
Didn't receive one.
No final project was shared. I have not heard from the student in 50 days. Unfortunately, my student was only able to write 15 times in the full school year. I'm not sure if perhaps she didn't have much class time or what the reason behind the lack of communication was. It was also difficult to know what career the student was focused on - she seemed to change careers at the end, but didn't really explain her thought process behind changing. She did not share her scholarship essay, so I was not able to provide any feedback on it.

Overall experience in the program.

Would you consider mentoring new students in the future?
0 - No
5 - Yes

Why or why not.
Great opportunity to practice my own communication skills and potentially help make a difference in how a student thinks
If this had been my first telementor project, I probably would not want to do it again as it was not a good experience. However, since I have had great experiences earlier, I know better and will participate again.
Mentoring is a crap shoot..sometimes you get an awesome kid who makes it worthwhile. Other times, you have to work extra hard to get a response. Overall, it's worth the effort.
Yes, I'm always interested in mentoring students to help them with college and career planning.

The most rewarding aspect of participating.
Great opportunity to learn more about how students think/focus.
Early in the project, my student seemed excited about the her potential career and the many options and choices she had. This was fun to see and hear; her energy was contagious.
Having the student respond.
I think I was an encouragement to the student and that she did benefit from participating in this project. I think having to share goals and progress with a mentor increased accountability.

The most difficult aspect of participating.
Infrequent communications in 2nd half of year
maintaining the discipline to send regular messages/respond - love doing it, finding the time is sometimes a challenge
I feel I lost touch after the first couple of months, due to lack of hearing from my student on a regular basis. Her last emails were short and very far between. (I noted that I spent 1 hour per week on this project, but that is only because it is the smallest number I could choose...on average, it was probably closer to 10 minutes or less "per week".)
Really, just the overall lack of participating on the on student's part, but I don't know their situation so can't say whether it was apathy or just lack of time or access.
- Not hearing from the student or teacher regularly - Not knowing where we were in the project - Unclear expectations - Not seeing the scholarship essay or final project

First time you've been part of a formal mentoring program.
5 - No
0 - Yes