Project Overview

Project: 2014 - 2015 Nutrition - Science Project
Teacher: Marnie Steele
School: Trail Ridge Middle School
Location: 1000 Button Rock
Start Date: 09/01/2014
End Date: 05/10/2015

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 35
Mentor Participants: 18

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 35
Mentor Surveys: 18

Mentor Project Survey Results

Please indicate the student skill areas that you feel you influenced through this project.
5 - Improved math comprehension and ability
18 - Improved science comprehension and ability
16 - Improved written communication skills
13 - Improved basic research skills
16 - Improved project management skills
16 - Improved collaboration skills

Please indicate if your mentoring support aided your student in the following areas.
8 - Better understanding of a professional work environment
2 - Improved awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities
2 - Increased desire to research and plan for post-secondary education
14 - Improved awareness of the value of a professional support network

The average quality of the messages received from students throughout the project.

Did your student share a final product (presentation, research report, plan, etc) with you for this project?
0 - N/A
2 - Yes
16 - No

Average level and quality of assistance received from the teacher throughout the project.

Average level and quality of assistance you received from Mentored Pathways staff throughout the project.

Things either the teacher or the Mentored Pathways Staff do to make a similar project more successful.
I think the support is already pretty strong. I didn't think there were gaps to fill.
Emphasize that the student should share all versions of all communications about the project with the mentor. I never saw the final version of my student's presentation, nor (despite asking twice) the script that held the details.
Lindrey and her team floundered a bit at the start of their project when they were not getting the permission slips back. I'm not sure what was done to help the kids get those slips done as this part seemed to cause some stress.
Great project, just keep doing this type of education!
This was a great project, teacher provided excellent guidance, I don't see what could have made it more successful!
The teacher was excellent and had a handle on the skills her students needed to be successful with the project.
No suggestions- communication was wonderful throughout the project.
I would suggest the teacher continue to do what she has been doing. The communication (factual) was excellent and the relationship (information that was added that helped me understand the emotional and personal nature of the class and the students) was spot on.
The frequent teacher communication is key to keep us informed on what's happening in the class/project plus what's happening outside that specific project in the students' lives. Suggestions on what students need help with or what to focus on are also welcome!
I switched students half way through the year. My interaction with the first student was great in that he seemed to understand our communications and I could see my direct contribution to his final project. With the second student, it seemed like my communications were no being read as the communications did not build on the previous one and it felt like we were starting over or introducing new topics each time. If the teacher could monitor similar cases and instruct the student to give feedback to the mentor on why they do or do not feel their advise and guidance is helping, that would be great.
I do not have any suggestions at this time.

Feedback regarding the quality of the student's final project as well as suggestions for improvement.
I thought her final project showed growth over the course of the overall project timeline. Morgan showed read desire to deliver a quality product and she worked closely with me to try to improve the components of her milestones.
Riley and his team put together a great presentation and continued to improve it right up to the end.
Logan and his team put it all together and gave a great final presentation.
The final project was good but for the amount of time provided, I guess I anticipated more documentation in an experimental (lab type) format. I thought that some graphs would have added a finishing touch but I think that the team was not equally contributing and this was difficult to accomplish.
Amber did a great job!
Excellent presentation, Petra followed some of my recommendations, she did a great job putting the presentation together
I was very impressed with all the steps the students achieved. The team did a good job and focused on what would be important to complete the project
I only saw the draft of the final project, with no data or outcomes from the ezperiments conducted. It would have been nice to see the results and presentation in its final form, as the level of thought that went into it appeared to be very high.
I think he did a great job and each message indicated more understanding of what his experiment needed to demonstrate. He also improved how the information would be shared with his audience.
Final project was great. Could tell a lot of work and revision went into it, and I appreciated their incorporation of mentor feedback; students were anxious for feedback and they took it to heart.
The final project was good, but as stated earlier, I don't feel as though I had any influence on it and I saw no evidence that my suggestions were considered.
I think the final project showed the student had conducted research and collaborated well with another student. She also showed a lot of enthusiasm for her project.
The final project was very interesting. I don't have any suggestions for improvement at this time.

Overall experience in the program.

Would you consider mentoring new students in the future?
0 - No
18 - Yes

Why or why not.
Absolutely. I enjoy the interaction with the students, as well as being able to encourage and guide them in their learning.
Telementor provides a valuable resource for young students which I believe will enable them to continue to develop skills during the upper levels of high school. In other words the skills are applied at the initial phases of high school which are honed as they matriculate through the upper grades.
I enjoyed making a difference in the student's experience.
In case it makes a difference.
Great way to get involved and help kids!
Sometimes one person can make a difference in a career choice.
It was nice to get to know a student over the course of this project, and see the impact my suggestions had.
It is rewarding and refreshing.
I would particularly work with Marnie Steele again. Marnie Steele's use of and support for the telementor program is outstanding. Her feedback and updates help me feel informed and useful and better able to support the students.
I enjoy interacting with the students and watching their thoughts develop. It also broadens my awareness because some of the projects we work on are related to topics with which I may not be familiar.
I thoroughly enjoyed this mentoring experience, especially communication during reading the book and just chatting about the topics.

The most rewarding aspect of participating.
When Molly and her team had troubles in their project, they accepted suggestions for starting over and improving their process, which gave them a better overall result.
To see the growth in the student. They are already highly motivated. They just need to hone skills - the ones who want to improve will.
I got to meet these kids in person on a visit to Colorado.
Logan has been such an excellent communicator both years I have mentored him. It is hard to explain how great it is to really communicate both directions with a student like him. And in March I got to meet him in person on a visit to Colorado! I got to meet Logan in person
Being able to gain open communication with the kids at this age is always a plus. I enjoy being able to extend help which is not viewed as criticism.
Helping a student find ways to accomplish goals.
Hearing from Petra and the teacher how helpful the program was to the students. How that helped boost their confidence and push themselves further than they would have without this extra help. Also learning myself (the book was revealing).
Getting to know the student.
Seeing the student's reasoning develop over the course of the project.
Learning what the student's future goals are.
Watching the student see an issue with her science project, and going back to refine the procedures leading to a successful experiment. My student was responsive and actively engaged throughout the project so it was easy to connect with her throughout the project.
Reading my mentee's overwhelmingly enthusiastic e-mails!
Seeing the student's final output and them thanking me for my assistance.
working with the student.
It made me feel really good when my mentee told me my influence on the project. I felt like I helped the student expand their knowledge.

The most difficult aspect of participating.
I had some health issues this winter, which made it difficult to keep up for several weeks.
Nothing really
Not much in that case, good follow-up, frequent communication made it easy to know what was going on at all times.
For me, it was trying to decide how much "help" was needed or if I should just focus on encouragement.
This year I had some family issues that kept me from consistently communicating with my student at first, and I felt badly about that... but the teacher and ITP staff were very helpful.
While it was nice to interact with the same student for a whole year, it was difficult to message every single week due to other commitments.
It's always difficult to find the time within a busy schedule. And, it's always a concern that the quality of my support is as high as possible.
Ensuring that I am always timely in responding.
Hearing her get frustrated and struggling to see what things were going well when many things were going wrong in the project.
Not being able to tell if my assistance was beneficial.
I didn't have any experience with animals or animal processing so I didn't have any first hand knowledge to give her.
During some weeks, my own work time constraints caused me to respond a little late to the student.

First time you've been part of a formal mentoring program.
16 - No
2 - Yes