Project Overview

Project: Spring 2014 - College and Career Exploration
Teacher: Gregg Snyder
School: Monache High School
Location: 960 N Newcomb Ave
Start Date: 01/20/2014
End Date: 05/23/2014

Participant totals:
Student Participants: 8
Mentor Participants: 6

Survey Totals:
Teacher Survey: 1
Student Surveys: 8
Mentor Surveys: 6

Mentor Project Survey Results

Please indicate the student skill areas that you feel you influenced through this project.
0 - Improved math comprehension and ability
0 - Improved science comprehension and ability
5 - Improved written communication skills
5 - Improved basic research skills
4 - Improved project management skills
4 - Improved collaboration skills

Please indicate if your mentoring support aided your student in the following areas.
4 - Better understanding of a professional work environment
5 - Improved awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities
5 - Increased desire to research and plan for post-secondary education
5 - Improved awareness of the value of a professional support network

The average quality of the messages received from students throughout the project.

Did your student share a final product (presentation, research report, plan, etc) with you for this project?
1 - N/A
5 - Yes
0 - No

Average level and quality of assistance received from the teacher throughout the project.

Average level and quality of assistance you received from Mentored Pathways staff throughout the project.

Things either the teacher or the Mentored Pathways Staff do to make a similar project more successful.
Often being a mentor feels like a one sided conversation. Either the mentee asks for something you provide information, and you get very little response. I put a lot of time and consideration into my messages and I often only got a response to about 20% of it. Maybe the 100% made a difference but I have no idea and that's discouraging for a mentor. I was chased by ITP staff several times for not sending my student a message yet it seems we aren't investing in the students and setting expectations for how they should interact with the Mentors. They should better understand the investment people are putting into them and the behaviors expect of them to be in the program. It doesn't appear that is happening.
The teacher modified a deliverable and my student seemed confused throughout the project. My perception is that the students were not given much direction and there was little to no monitoring of their progress by the teacher.

Feedback regarding the quality of the student's final project as well as suggestions for improvement.
I never really saw it despite trying to find out and offering help.
I didn't receive a copy of the student's final project. I'm skeptical that the student had even completed the project.

Overall experience in the program.

Would you consider mentoring new students in the future?
1 - No
5 - Yes

Why or why not.
I will because I'd like to help and make a difference. But I will probably just do 1 mentee at a time because it's a lot to invest when you have no idea if you're even making a difference.
Over the years, there have been more positive experiences with the students than negative ones. With most students, I feel like I'm making a positive impact with them.

The most rewarding aspect of participating.
Helping Rachel try to determine career paths and how to find individuals to help her on her journey.
Interactions with Jordyn the few times that she responded.

The most difficult aspect of participating.
not getting responses to messages or the content I shared. It was discouraging. I chose a senior class because i thought the students would be more engaged with their career and I could make a bigger difference. It doesn't seem that happened.
Communication with the student was the most difficult part of the project. The initial gap in the vision of the project and roles of both participants could not be bridged over the time of the project. I do not understand the reason of why Rhiannon joined the project.
Esmeralda corresponded very irregularly. I couldn't tell whether she was sick, or just not engaged. I tried to write somewhat regularly, even when she didn't respond for weeks at a time. In the end, I got the sense (from her later message) that she did find my letters helpful, which I was pleased about.
Non-responsive student who didn't seem to understand the expectations of the project, with little proactive coaching from the teacher.

First time you've been part of a formal mentoring program.
5 - No
1 - Yes