Project: Fall 2015 Business Operations Research

Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

Students will develop a plan to conduct a market research study. They will be taking the information collected and developing a professional action plan and proposal to meet the project criterion related to the project they have chosen. In addition,they will be preparing a visual presentation to present to the judges. Any feedback to help students understand the process is beneficial. Students will be preparing projects to be competitive in our District and State competition.


The 2016 topic for each career category is the development of a plan to evaluate and improve employee engagement. Plans may include, but are not limited to, marketing mix revisions, customer service plans, employee training programs, workplace initiatives, or any combination of these elements. The goal of the strategies should be to better serve customers and/or strengthen the workplace environment for members of a specific generation.


*Select an actual local business operation or organization *Conduct a SWOT analysis of the business *Design a research study *Conduct a market research study *Analyze the results of the research study *Prepare a detailed plan to improve employee engagement and/or strengthen the workplace environment *Prepare a detailed plan to better serve customers *Prepare a proposed budget *Present the research findings and proposed activities in a role-play situation



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Advanced Marketing Research

Student Outcomes:

Students will meet set deadlines: II. INTRODUCTION A. Description of the business or organization B. Description of the community (economic, geographic, demographic and socioeconomic factors) C. Overview of the business or organization’s current culture and strategies III. RESEARCH METHODS USED IN THE STUDY A. Description and rationale of research methodologies selected to conduct the research study B.Process used to conduct the selected research methods IV. FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS OF THE STUDY A. Findings of the research study B. Conclusions based on the findings V. PROPOSED STRATEGIC PLAN A. Objectives and rationale of the proposed plan B. Proposed activities and timelines C. Proposed metrics or key performance indicators to measure plan effectiveness VI. PROPOSED BUDGET

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Each section will be submitted by the due date and students will be evaluated on each section.

Teacher Role:

Teacher will teach the information relevant to each section, show examples, and grade each section upon completion.

Mentor Role:

Give students effective feedback, looking at content, sentence structure, grammar, and proposed activities, etc.