Project: Spring 2015 - Midtown in Motion - Gov/Econ Focus

Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

We are especially interested in working with local Fort Collins mentors in business or government. Students hope to shape their local community and local expertise or connections would facilitate data gathering and communication.


Students will team with mentors from ITP sponsor companies to analyze the Fort Collins MAX transportation system to determine methods for raising awareness and ridership of this public investment. Students will be practicing macroeconomic concepts as a project for their Advanced Placement class.


- Ability to apply macroeconomic principles in a real world setting - Process of identifying, locating, selecting, and using relevant data to analyze, synthesize, and communicate results - Effective analysis and communication of results in a persuasive format - Ability to develop networking skills through regular communication with a mentor - Self and team evaluations reflecting project successes and areas for development and improvement



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Advanced Placement

Student Outcomes:

Student teams (of 2-4 students) will analyze various aspects of the Fort Collins MAX operations, Fort Collins ordinances, demographics, transportation systems, and businesses and create a recommendation (presentation or brochure) on how Transfort can raise awareness of MAX and increase ridership.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Student teams will meet regular project deadlines and communicate weekly with the team mentor. At the project's end, student teams will provide a professional deliverable (presentation or brochure) of their research and recommendation. Students will also evaluate themselves and their teams and write a letter to each mentor highlighting the project successes and challenges.

Teacher Role:

Teacher will guide students through applying the relevant macroeconomic concepts and will serve as a professional mentor (MBA) as the students analyze data and prepare recommendations. Teacher will communicate regularly with mentors and will coordinate with other teachers to streamline project data analysis.

Mentor Role:

Mentors will provide professional expertise in the areas of business, urban planning, and governance. Mentors will also help students develop "soft skills" including professional expectations for communication, project management, collaboration, and performance management (goal setting, self and peer evaluation).