Project: Spring 2014 College and Career Exploration

Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

These students are attending Fort Collins High School. Many of them do not have many opportunities to connect with professionals in the fields in which they are interested. You can play a major role in helping these young people pursue their interests successfully, create career and education plans that meet an industry and post secondary standard, create and contribute to a professional network and leave high school well connected, informed, and engaged!


Student will develop a career and education portfolio(Note: the designation of weeks does not necessarily mean chronological weeks but rather the weeks of the project.)


Students will identify careers to research; student will demonstrate ability to locate, identify, and interpret information; will generate choices and make career decisions based upon interests,abilities and values; students will design realistic education and career action plan to reach desired goal. The student will summarize the information gathered from the mentoring process in a solid career and education plan. The student will also develop and maintain a professional network to hold him or her responsible to execute the plan successfully.



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Career and Education Planning

Student Outcomes:

Student will gain an understanding of career choices that connect their interests and abilities, improve research and collaboration skills, and develop a career and education portfolio.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Students will use the project tracking system to evaluate their attainment of project outcomes. The student will complete an evaluation form about the telementoring project. The student and the mentor will evaluate their telementoring experience and provide recommendations for improving the project.

Teacher Role:

The teacher will act as the facilitator for the project and will monitor and supervise the telementoring relationship

Mentor Role:

Mentors are asked to maintain communication 3 times a week with the student; to act as advisor and provide encouragement and career awareness and collaborate with the student on the project.