Project: Community Outreach

Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

Potentially connect students with various resources to aid them with the projects.


Students will work collaboratively in small groups and with their mentors to create community service projects for the St. Louis community. Students will research areas of need within the city and develop programs and/or smaller projects that will help others whether through trash pickup, donation drives, tutoring, etc. Students will be expected to develop their own resources, partnerships, transportation needs, marketing, and budgets among other things to ensure the program and/or project is functional.


MOW2A - Students will write with awareness of audience and purpose MOW2E - Students will write with standard usage, punctuation, and syntax MOW3A - Students will compose a variety of texts for different audiences MOL2A - Students will create concise and engaging presentations MOI1A - Students will research and develop a plan MOI1B - Students will evaluate reliability of sources



Grade Level:


Content Area:

English, Communication

Student Outcomes:

Students will discover areas of need within the St. Louis community. Students will create plans of action through community service to improve and help areas of need. Students will actively execute plans of action and recruit outside help to ensure success. Students will create plans for long-term improvement during reflection of project.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Student evaluation will come from their ability to create and execute community service projects, their ability to regularly communicate with their mentors, and their ability to effectively collaborate with their peers.

Teacher Role:

To monitor and assist students as needed. To regularly communicate with mentors. To help with communication between students and outside partners.

Mentor Role:

Mentors are asked to communicate regularly with students and to help them understand how to spearhead a major project. Mentors are asked to assist students with writing formal pieces of writing necessary to communicate with potential sponsors and partners. Mentors are asked to help guide students and to help them stay on a time schedule.