Project: Fall 2011 The Opportunities Are Enormous!

Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

Melody invites mentors who are eager to help her students plan for their future. This is a fantastic opportunity to help a middle school student become informed, connected, and engaged regarding the professional pursuit of his or her career interests.


The student and mentor will work together under the teacher's supervision to create an independent personal interest project. The mentor will provide help to the student developing a broad career-area question. (What is something that is impacting the community, state, or nation in that career area?) From there the student and mentor will begin exploring the broad career choice. An education plan of action will be developed to help the student prepare to work in that particular area of interest.


Students will identify careers to research; student will demonstrate ability to locate, identify, and interpret information; will generate choices and make career decisions based upon interests, abilities and values; will design realistic career action plan to reach desired goal. The student will summarize the information gathered from the mentoring process in a written report; this will be presented at the end of the project.



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Career and Education Planning

Student Outcomes:

The student will develop a career and education report which will include contacts with professionals, analysis of a current problem within the interest area, an education plan of action for DCHS and post secondary options to achieve his/her career goal. The report will be presented and shared with a panel of community members.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Students will use the project tracking system to evaluate their attainment of project outcomes. The student will complete an evaluation form about the telementoring project. The student and the mentor will evaluate their telementoring experience and provide recommendations for improving the project.

Teacher Role:

The teacher will act as the facilitator for the project and will monitor and supervise the telementoring relationship.

Mentor Role:

To maintain communication 3 times a week with the student; to act as advisor and provide career awareness and collaborate with the student on the project.