Project: Clean Energy - Project Proposal

Teacher: Joseph Anastasia
School: Fossil Ridge High School
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado USA
Start Date: 10/18/2011
End Date: 06/15/2012
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

Joe Anastasia is looking for mentors to help his ninth and tenth grade students in the Clean Energy Academy at Fossil Ridge High school to work on a proposal this year for a 2-3 year project that will address a real issue in the clean energy space. We are recruiting mentors from as well as other companies to support his students.


Students will develop a proposal for a 2 - 3 year project involving the concept of clean energy and/or sustainability.


"21st century skills' will be developed through the process of the project proposal. 1. Student will narrow focus of project to a very specific, workable, concept within clean energy/sustainability field. 2. Written proposal completed which includes evidences of future learning of all 21st century skills as outlined within the "project checklist" document. 3. If proposal accepted; a. students will develop and have an approved process for team member selection. b. Select team based on approved process 4. If proposal denied; a. student will modify proposal based on instructor and/or advisory board input OR b. student will apply to be a team member on an approved proposal based on that team's selection process



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Science - Clean Energy Technology

Student Outcomes:

Students should choose a concept and design project proposal based on sound research methods and incorporating "21st century skills". 1. Students will maintain a portfolio of notes and activities performed during their first year of the Clean Energy seminar class. A draft of these activities is provided in the "seminar course scope" document. These artifacts will provide evidences of learnings of 21st century skills. 2. Student will have a completed proposal which includes: a. a well defined role within her/his team. b. a well defined method of presentation. c. documentation explaining how the acquiring of all 21st century skills will be addressed. Actual project will be completed over 3 years, however, the presentation method of project will be explained within the proposal (determined by student and team with help of mentor and teacher).

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

The proposal will be assessed by community members (advisory board) and will be accepted, or accepted but with necessary revisions, or declined. Grade earned is NOT based on whether or not proposal is accepted but on whether or not sound reasoning and research was applied. The project is worth 300 points total with 150 points coming from mentor communication and meeting telementor deadlines. The paper is worth 200 points. Students will write a final letter to the mentor which will include a self-evaluation of the project, including what the student did well, what he would like to have done to improve upon the project, and what the mentor contributed to the project.

Teacher Role:

Teacher's Role: Teacher will aid student in identifying research areas of interest. The teacher will provide deadlines, rubrics and guidance for both the project and the paper. When available class time will be allotted for computer use for research and mentor communication. Teacher will evaluate student products.

Mentor Role:

Mentor will aid students in mastering and applying the scientific method during the course of developing a project for independent science project. Provide guidance throughout the process of both research and experimentation by offering suggestions and constructive criticisms for ideas, outlines, papers, etc... Communicate with students how the scientific method of thought is used in the real world, specifically regarding the mentor's careers.