Project: Medical Historian Project

Teacher: Gail Cox
School: Topeka High School
Location: Topeka, Kansas USA
Start Date: 04/06/2010
End Date: 05/18/2010
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

Mentors who have knowledge/work experience in the medical field/life sciences and has an interest in researching historical topics related to medicine and diseases.


Students, as Medical Historians will be tracing the history of a disease. The report will include time line of major events, causes, symptoms, treatments and side-effects that reflect the student's understanding of human-anatomy systems.


1. Human Anatomy-Biology/Science Curriculum



Grade Level:


Content Area:


Student Outcomes:

1. Medical Historian Report 2. Student/Mentor Messages 3. Presentation

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

1. Medical Historian Report Rubric 2. Project/Class Participation 3. Presentation Rubric

Teacher Role:

Teacher will provide guidance and communication with the mentors. Also teach the curriculum and grade student outcomes.

Mentor Role:

Mentors will help students find resources, critique on-going work, and help with the science related concepts.