Project: Pathways to Success Summer 2010

Teacher: Ric Palma
School: Topeka School District
Location: Lawrence, Kansas USA
Start Date: 06/01/2010
End Date: 06/30/2010
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

Mentors who participate in this program will be involved in the VERY FIRST Summer Program for Pathways to Success. The students involved in this program and project have the potential to be successful in college, but are in need of guidance, support, and advice. We would like mentor who are able and interested in sharing and assisting high school students in education planning and career explorationl. Also be able to help the student in the writing and reviewing of their final reflection essay, exploration portfolio, and future career and education plans.


This is a 5-week, (for the month of June) Summer Program for High School students interested in post-secondary education. This program provides the opportunity for students to be aware about post-secondary education options and career exploration. Mentors are needed to advise and assist students in their Career & Education planning portfolio and their final essay. The curriculum is based on the required book: "College Path: Are You Ready for College?" by Cheryl Gladney and Kirk Williams. Mentors are not required to read the book, but provide additional advice and resources for students. Supplementing readings will be web-based sites and readings from student success and college-information books.


1. College/Post-Secondary Awareness & Skills (research) 2. Career Exploration (Curriculum Enrichment/Enhancement) 3. Communication/Technology Skills 4. Cooperation/Social Skills



Grade Level:


Content Area:

College Planning & Skills

Student Outcomes:

1. Career & Education Portfolio 2. Final Essay & Dream Board 3. Telementor Messages & attendance

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

1. Career & Education Portfolio Requirements 2. Final Essay Rubric (Panel of Judges) 3. Content/Quality Messages Requirements/Rubric

Teacher Role:

1. Prepare and teach daily Curriculum 2. Facilitate positive communication between Mentors/Students 3. Weekly communication and assistance to mentors 4. Grade Portfolio/Essay/Messages/Track Attendance

Mentor Role:

1. Engage positive and proactive communication with student(s) 2x a week 2. Assist student in completing Portfolio related to career and education planning 3. Critique/Review final reflection essay