Project: Career Planning

Teacher: Kathleen Harsh
School: TWHS
Location: Topeka, Kansas USA
Start Date: 09/14/2009
End Date: 10/05/2009
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

We need mentors who have a positive outlook on education and supports public education system. The students have special learning disabilities and we need mentors who can relate to special educational needs. We need mentors who will provide support for career research, resumes, cover letters, interviews, and encourage students to continue their education. We also need mentors who can help students figure out what their interests are, such as Math, Science, Art, Reading, and then help them focus on general types of careers related to their interests.


Students participating in the Resource Study Skills Program will be planning their post-high school options. They will research and create a resume and cover letter that will be used for furture career and education opportunities. They will learn about their interests (math/science/art/history/health) and their goals into order to explore career oportunities.


1. Computer and Internet Skills 2. Writing and Communication Skills 3. Career and Education Research Skills 4. Cooperative Learning Skills through Telementoring 5. Resource study skills



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Study/Life Skills

Student Outcomes:

1. Telementoring Messages 2. Student Portfolio (Information about their interests/interview info/employment opportunities) 3. Resume 4. Cover Letter

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

1. Portfolio Rubric 2. Class Participation 3. Mentor's Input 4. Resume/Coverletter Rubric

Teacher Role:

1. Teach Program Curriculum 2. Encourage positive Communication between students and mentors 3. Grade Porfolio and other documents

Mentor Role:

1. Positive Communication with student (2x a week) 2. Provide constructive critique & information related to student's personal resume/cover letter/interview answers 3. Encourage students to continue their education and career/employment opportunties