Project: Independent Project Fall 2010

Teacher: Joan Turek
School: Parkway High School
Location: Bossier City, Louisiana USA
Start Date: 08/23/2010
End Date: 12/13/2010
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

I am looking for mentors with an interest in art, history, and/or literature who are willing to help students learn to "dig" until they find information that is, seemingly, not to be found.


Students, with the help of mentors, will explore an area of interest in art, social studies, or literature. One of the hallmarks of this project will be researching a topic using various information resources, including the expertise of local citizens and experts from outside the community.


Students will utilize the process of identifying, locating, selecting, and using a variety of information resources to analyze, synthesize, and communicate information. The students will use the writing process and the rules of grammar and punctuation to produce a compilation and explanation of their research. They will also use available technology to produce, revise, and publish a variety of works that include cited references.



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Art, social studies, literature

Student Outcomes:

Students will maintain copies of correspondence and biweekly checkpoints in a project binder. Every two weeks, the students will submit these binders to ber checked for fluency and timely completion. Students will maintain a portfolio that includes the individual steps of the research and writing process and all completed work.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

At the end of the project, students will submit a self-evaluation explaining the successes and failures they experienced during this assignment. Sutdents are encouraged to examine the ways in which they were able to set and meet personal goals and the improvement in their writing skills.

Teacher Role:

The teacher will provide mentors and students with necessary material relevant to the research process and will guide the students in their efforts. The teacher will correspond with mentors regularly to keep them aware of necessary changes and will act as a facilitator for the project and as a monitor of the quality of student work.

Mentor Role:

The mentors will aid students in establishing and meeting project goals, including meeting deadlines. They will aid the students in the research and writing process and in analyzing and organizing the material they compile. They will also aid students in using critical thinking methods to identify forums through which they can further explore their interest.