Project: Lights, Action, Camera, Career Documentary!

Teacher: Elaine Bradford
School: Airline High School
Location: Bossier City, Louisiana USA
Start Date: 02/16/2009
End Date: 03/26/2009
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

The mentor will need to have knowledge of filmmaking and an interest in careers in filmmaking. Mentors for this project should have an eye for the art of good movie making. We want mentors that will be encouraging to high school students that can sometimes get easily distracted. Mentors for this project must have schedules that will allow them to remain in constant contact with their student during this 6 week project.


Students will script and shoot a short video demonstrating personal-action solutions for a better planet while learning about filmmaking.


KNVAS #1-Understanding and applying media techniques and processes KNVAS #3-Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas.



Grade Level:


Content Area:

Graphic Arts and Computer Technology

Student Outcomes:

Printed information will be kept in the student's telementoring file. The final product for the project will be an movie documentary saved in a format easily viewed by the team and mentor. Student will update project tracker throughout the project. Student will complete online survey.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

The team will complete a self-evaluation survey at the end of the semester. The selected student and mentor will co-compose an email message to the teacher describing their perceived accomplishments, what worked well and what the student and mentor could improve upon.

Teacher Role:

Contact telementoring coordinator with concerns. Monitor project and make necessary changes as needed. Communicate with mentor on student's progress and make necessary corrections if needed. Will send weekly message to mentors.

Mentor Role:

Mentor will answer questions from student in a timely fashion. Support the project plans submitted by the teacher. Suggest ideas to student on how to best complete the project. Keep teacher informed when there is a problem or concern. Write to student at least 2X per week and be available by email throughout the duration of the project.