Project: Real World Preparation

Teacher: Chris Bagshaw
School: Hope Street Academy
Location: Topeka, Kansas USA
Start Date: 02/04/2009
End Date: 03/13/2009
Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

We encourage mentors who possess interviewing and hiring skills to assist students the are considered high risk with a wide range of abilities. I would encourage the mentor to act as advisor and provide career awareness and collaborate with the student on the project.


The student and mentor will work together to explore interests in career opportunities.


Student will understand the ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to technology. The student will use technology tools and resources for managing and communicating personal and professional information. They will use primary and secondary data to locate information about potential career opportunities. By going on interviews, even for jobs you have no intention of taking. Research the company thoroughly. Use the Internet, libraries and periodicals to find current information. Know the company's market, products and goals. Memorize some facts about the company and be prepared to cite them during the interview. Formulate a list of intelligent questions to ask during your interview. Talk to people who work or have worked at the company. Noting how the staff dresses, as well as their body language.



Grade Level:


Content Area:


Student Outcomes:

Students will gain the skills and the confidence necessary to achieve their career goals via mock interviews and company research.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

Evaluation will be based on assessment of one's ability to communicate verbally in a one on one conference with teacher. The student is to complete a survey about the International Telementoring Program.

Teacher Role:

The teacher will act as a facilitator for the project and will monitor and supervise the telementoring relationship.

Mentor Role:

To maintain communication a minimum of twice a week with a student, to act as an advisor about career awareness. He or she shall collaborate with the student on the project and prodivide the student with experienced insight to real world expectations.