Project: Honors Chemistry - Independent Science Research

Project Plan
Unique Requests of
Participating Mentors:

We need mentors interested in helping us with a successful program in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. These students will work with mentors to provide support for these students for this project. We hope to establish telementoring for all honors science students and use this process each year as they advance through the science curriculum. (Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry).


Science project to emphasize the use of the scientific method will be completed by all science Honors students. A research paper (literature review) will accompany using APA documentation.


Science as Inquiry The Abilities Necessary to Do Scientific Inquiry 1. Write a testable question or hypothesis when given a topic (SI-H-A1) 2. Describe how investigations can be observation, description, literature survey, classification, or experimentation (SI-H-A2) 3. Plan and record step-by-step procedures for a valid investigation, select equipment and materials, and identify variables and controls (SI-H-A2) 4. Conduct an investigation that includes multiple trials and record, organize, and display data appropriately (SI-H-A2) 5. Utilize mathematics, organizational tools, and graphing skills to solve problems (SIH-A3) 6. Use technology when appropriate to enhance laboratory investigations and presentations of findings (SI-H-A3) 7. Choose appropriate models to explain scientific knowledge or experimental results (e.g., objects, mathematical relationships, plans, schemes, examples, role-playing, computer simulations) (SI-H-A4) 8. Give an example of how new scientific data can cause an existing scientific explanation to be supported, revised, or rejected (SI-H-A5) 9. Write and defend a conclusion based on logical analysis of experimental data (SI-HA6) (SI-H-A2) 10. Given a description of an experiment, identify appropriate safety measures (SI-H-A7)



Content Area:

Science - Chemistry Honors

Student Outcomes:

Students should design and conduct an experiment, following the steps of the scientific method. They will also become familiar with proper ways to find, review and discuss scientific literature related to their science fair topic. A project board will be completed and presented to class. A research paper including background information will be printed and turned into teacher.

Evaluation of
Student Outcomes:

The project and paper will be assessed individually, however, the paper should support and provide background information for the project completed. A rubric for grading each will be provided to the students. The project is worth 300 points total with 150 points coming from mentor communication and meeting telementor deadlines. The paper is worth 200 points. Students will write a final letter to the mentor which will include a self-evaluation of the project, including what the student did well, what he would like to have done to improve upon the project, and what the mentor contributed to the project.

Mentor Role:

Mentor will aid students in mastering and applying the scientific method during the course of developing a project for independent science project. Provide guidance throughout the process of both research and experimentation by offering suggestions and constructive criticisms for ideas, outlines, papers, etc... Communicate with students how the scientific method of thought is used in the real world, specifically regarding the mentor's careers.